Kings Ridge, Riesling, 2009

4/5 $14.99

Sweet wine is not my thing. Perhaps a good dessert wine or port every once in awhile, but sweet cloying wine, no thank you. Riesling is usually thought of to be that type, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. The smell alone is inviting with notes of grapefruit and cinnamon, and this definitely extends to the taste too. Honestly, I think the best way to describe this wine is just plain juicy. Think fruits like pineapple, peach, and apples, with a nice acidity. I suppose you really need to be in the mood for a bright, vibrant wine like this, but if you are, it’s a great choice. It’s ideally the type of wine you drink on a summer’s weekend day, when you have no other plans.

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Author:The Redheaded Wino

Advertising professional by day and wine drinker by night, often overwhelmed by the sheer choices in wine stores, I have a tendency to not drink the same wine twice. My biggest tip to all Amateur winos, never swirl the glass in your hand, you just look pretentious. Swirl it on the table and you'll never worry again about that favorite sweater having a big red wine stain on it.
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