Finca Vides Torcidas, Malbec, 2009

4/5 $11.00

On a less than stellar night weather-wise (hoping for warm, and instead it was chilly and rainy), I decided to try out this Torcidas Malbec at this adorable wine bar on the UES (Upper East Side of Manhattan, for those visiting from afar). For me, Malbec has recently become more of a go-to wine due to its smooth finish, medium-body, and spicy undertones. And wouldn’t you know it, this wine fit the bill exactly! Not super dry or intensely fruity, it had a fuller-bodied flavor filled with spice and berry. It is not necessarily a shock-and-awe kind of wine, but it has a presence that shines through. Because of this, it is a pretty easy drinking wine, which could be consumed on its own or with a great plate of pasta.

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Author:The Redheaded Wino

Advertising professional by day and wine drinker by night, often overwhelmed by the sheer choices in wine stores, I have a tendency to not drink the same wine twice. My biggest tip to all Amateur winos, never swirl the glass in your hand, you just look pretentious. Swirl it on the table and you'll never worry again about that favorite sweater having a big red wine stain on it.
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