Hom Sparkling Extra Brut, Chardonnay

4/5 $11.99

So it may be time to rethink all that Andres you’ve been drinking. Okay, okay, I know $5 for a bottle of sparkling wine sounds like music to just about anyone’s ears, but after the years of hangovers it has given you, don’t you think it might be time to part ways? And if you’re on board with my thinking here (which you really should be), I would definitely consider this one. The Hom Extra Brut has to be one of the most interesting sparkling wines I have tasted in quite awhile. And with a price tag of $11.99, it really is quite a good value. The wine is very dry (hence the “Extra Brut” in its label), and comes across with a strong taste of apple and citrus. At first sip, it really brings to mind an alcoholic sparkling cider. However, with a few more sips you can taste the more nutty and floral aspects, which takes this blend up a notch. I have to say this is probably the perfect pre-meal wine, or something to bring along for celebrations like birthdays or New Years. So next time you are thinking about sparkling wine, skip the cheapest bottle, and try out this one instead.

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Author:The Redheaded Wino

Advertising professional by day and wine drinker by night, often overwhelmed by the sheer choices in wine stores, I have a tendency to not drink the same wine twice. My biggest tip to all Amateur winos, never swirl the glass in your hand, you just look pretentious. Swirl it on the table and you'll never worry again about that favorite sweater having a big red wine stain on it.
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