Taurino Notarpanaro, Negroamaro

3/5 $15.99

I choose to drink wine while out to dinner over beer or liquor when I i) am at a restaurant or bar known for its selection or ii) am trying to be mature and remember the evening’s events past midnight. Saturday was one of those nights. While meeting friends for after dinner drinks, the owner/host/in-house-sommelier asked the table what characteristics we enjoy in a wine. As a result, we were brought Taurino Notarpanaro from Puglia, Italy. With a simplistic, yet intriguing label, I was under the impression that we were being given the unique opportunity to drink something special. However, while conducting research after-the-fact, I am now privy to its mediocracy among other wines available from the region. Bias aside, I did enjoy its robust fruit flavor balanced by spice and acidity. My uneducated opinion, it could use a few more years in the bottle.

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The Swill

Author:The Swill

You know the burnt-out entrepreneur in front of you in line at Target who was intermittently chuckling to himself? Nice to meet you, too. I recently gave up my day job so my productivity, and drinking, have increased dramatically.
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