Hanging Vine, Pinot Noir, 2009

5/5 $14.99

My favorite scene in Ratatouille is when Anton Ego, the food critic, has childhood memories of his mother’s cooking stirred when he tastes Remy’s concoction. I experienced this exact moment while eating meat gnocchi at il Vegabondo and sipping this light pinot noir – well, sans the reference to my mother’s cooking as I do not believe microwaving Chef Boyardee counts. Back to my point, Hanging Vine’s ’09 pinot is light in your glass and on your palette. It adds character by combining such fruits as strawberries, cherries and even rasberries while balancing the sweet with spice. I would wholeheartedly recommend you to pair it with you favorite childhood dish. That is if your mother’s version of cooking was not picking up the phone and dialing 411.

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The Swill

Author:The Swill

You know the burnt-out entrepreneur in front of you in line at Target who was intermittently chuckling to himself? Nice to meet you, too. I recently gave up my day job so my productivity, and drinking, have increased dramatically.
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