Gruet Winery, Gruet Brut Rose

4/5 $12.99

While the color may immediately make you think “girly wine,” this New Mexican winery turns out some of the most solid sparkling wine I’ve tasted. A true Rosé with a fruity nose and taste, think strawberries, raspberries, and cherry. Definitely perfect for a warm summer’s night chilling on a patio with some friends. Keep food light … crackers, cheese, fruit, veggies, turkey burgers. I will say they also make a white brut, which is definitely a bit drier, but really do yourself a favor and try this Brut Rosé sometime!

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Author:The Redheaded Wino

Advertising professional by day and wine drinker by night, often overwhelmed by the sheer choices in wine stores, I have a tendency to not drink the same wine twice. My biggest tip to all Amateur winos, never swirl the glass in your hand, you just look pretentious. Swirl it on the table and you'll never worry again about that favorite sweater having a big red wine stain on it.
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