Barefoot, Merlot

1/5 $5.99

I was not privy to this wine’s reputation prior to tasting. Perhaps I live in a bubble or maybe I simply live life via the expectancy theory – you get what you pay for. Regardless, this light red does not deserve to be bottled. With an almost cinnamon start, Barefoot’s young grape lacks character. Surprisingly enough, this merlot is so smooth it has nearly no flavor at all. For its reputation as a cheap college wine I would have thought it would have at least some redeeming qualities – perhaps some hints of fruit. For a minimal bump in price you can get Yellow Tail – even that swill is better. Either show you are cheap and grab a bag of Franzia or step it up and spend the extra dollar – we could all do with one less chicken McNugget.

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The Swill

Author:The Swill

You know the burnt-out entrepreneur in front of you in line at Target who was intermittently chuckling to himself? Nice to meet you, too. I recently gave up my day job so my productivity, and drinking, have increased dramatically.
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